Board Members

Board Member List

Updated 08/2022 

Drew Thomas | Board President | [email protected]

Frances Norman| GO CDC Director | [email protected]

Kathryn Whittington | Board Member| [email protected]

Debra Hill | Board Member| [email protected]

Carol Hunter | Board Member| [email protected]

Jewel Bradley | Director of Soup Kitchen | [email protected]

John Salters, Pastor | CEO| [email protected]

Charles Kachersky| Director Of IT| [email protected]

Jen Kachersky| Board Member| [email protected]

Stacy Gancos | Board Member| [email protected]

Isaiah Salters | Board Member| [email protected]

Raymond Jones| Board Member| [email protected]

Honorary Board Members


  • Unique and significant contribution to G.O. Community Development Corporation.
About Board Members…
Our board members are named officials who devote many hours to reviewing materials, setting policies, and planning for a change in our community.  We serve on the board because we care about providing quality opportunities that meet the needs of the community. In addition to making decisions during board meetings, we try to keep the lines of communication open with our community.  We are available and invite your comments, concerns, and questions.
About  Board Meetings…
The Board has one scheduled meeting the second Sunday of each month. However, occasionally the time or date may be changed to accommodate other activities. Additional meeting may be called when deemed necessary.  A board meeting is a meeting of the Board of G.O. Community Development Corporation held in private..  All discussions are held in the open with the exception of items that require, by law, an executive session.  
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