What is HIP?

H.I.P. is a program branched under the G.O. Community Development Corporation seeking to help parents(independent) with baby necessities. These go to include: clothing, diapers, formula, food, blankets and many other things.

Who founded HIP?

Isaiah R. Salters founded H.I.P in 2009 after a parent of one of Isaiah’s former classmate told him that his classmate was arrested for stealing diapers for her young child.


H.I.P(Helping Independent Parents)’s purpose is to provide independent parents with baby necessities. 

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday thru Friday from 10:00AM – 12:00PM if this is an emergency you need to make an appointment by calling (440)997-0040, emailing hip@go-cdc.org or filling out an emergency appt. form below.

Grand Opening Pictures

What do I need to bring?

In order to be approved you must bring in your Photo ID and the Child’s birth certificate and or Social security card. All information will be kept on our CDS(Client Database System). So you will need to bring this information one time unless noted otherwise.