Volunteers donate their time throughout Ashtabula County on Thanksgiving

ByG.O. Community Development Corporation

Volunteers donate their time throughout Ashtabula County on Thanksgiving

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MILDRED TOMBLIN (left) and Shauna Blizzard, both of Ashtabula, serve guests at the G.O. Development Corp. Thanksgiving Dinner in Ashtabula on Thursday.
More than 125 volunteers gave time from their holiday to make Thanksgiving just a little better for others on Thursday at five different sites throughout the county.One of the citizens most noticed by her absence was Mae Salters who started a Thanksgiving dinner for the needy, and those without a place to go, 16 years ago.Salters died earlier this month but was not forgotten as several pictures of her dotted the G.O. Development Corp. stage while her son Isaiah jammed with another musician while area residents ate a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.“We dedicated this to my wife who was the author of this,” John Salters said of the event.John Slimmer, of Saybrook Township, said he is not able to help on a weekly basis but was more than happy to come out on Thanksgiving.“Just trying to help,” he said while directing people through the food line. He was one of 40 volunteers assisting at G.O. Development Corp.

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