G.O. CDC Food Programs

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G.O. CDC Food Programs

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G.O. Community Development Center is a non profit organization in Ashtabula, Ohio.  We are located in a low poverty in the city. You can view our web site and video at www.go-cdc.org.  We rely heavily on local support to continue to provide hundreds of meals to those in need.  We are the only center in Ashtabula that supplies a hot balanced evening meal 5 days a week to anyone who comes through our doors. On a average we serve 75 to 100 and up people per day. Our vision is to one day be able to expand that service  when we can get the funds, volunteers and means to deliver. We supplement the donated food we  receive with the purchase of many shelf stable items, cooking supplies, eating utensils and one of our biggest expense is meat.  There has been a increasing demand for food assistance  and people coming in each day for a hot meal. We also have a Thursday food pantry once a week where we distribute bags of groceries. It is hard and almost impossible to add the personal items to these distributions  which are so much needed.  These items can be expensive but they are necessities.  When people have limited resources they have to make decisions about what to do with what  they have.  We would be able to purhase items such as soap, hygiene products,laundry soap ,toilet paper etc, The funds we raise  will help us supply our soup kitchen and pantry with the above items for the next 6 to 8 months. Please join us in our efforts to help the less fortunate. No one should go to bed hungry, especially our children,   I encourage you to  show your support and we invite you to tour our facility .  Volunteers are always welcome as everyone at our center is a volunteer,  We have no paid employees.To donate click here.

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