Group help area residents

ByG.O. Community Development Corporation

Group help area residents

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ASHTABULA — The lives of hundreds of people are enriched each week thanks to the efforts of a sturdy group of volunteers that staff G.O. Community Development Corporation on Station Avenue in Ashtabula.

Donations and grants funds the programs ranging from meals for the needy, recreation for youth and free shoes and clothes for those down on their luck, said G.O. CDC Board President Drew Thomas.

“We get probably 100 people that come every day,” Thomas said.

He said meals are fed daily Monday to Friday and a variety of educational and recreational programs occur throughout a month.

A small group of volunteers cook and serve meals and provide clothes and shoes for those in need.

In the summer computer classes are held to educate area youth, said Frances Norman, a volunteer, who also opens the shoe, clothing and toiletries program several days a week.

“We are always looking for people to volunteer,” Thomas said.

He said more information or ways to donate can be found at the organization’s website at

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